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My favorite pic of the two of us.
Hi! I'm Hip-Baby Mama. That's not to say that I'm "hip" as in "with it;" it's "hip" as in "hip dysplasia," which my daughter L.E. has. Hip dysplasia is the most commonly diagnosed abnormality in babies. But we've been living with it and are very fortunate with her progress. You can read more about it here.
L.E. is now three so I mostly write about my life with a toddler.
I write honestly. Being a parent is not the easy, blissful thing that everyone seems to think it should be. The first year is downright hard. I love my daughter to pieces but she can also push my buttons worse than any person I've ever known.
I share my experiences because I genuinely believe we jade ourselves on parenting and need a strong dose of reality. Also, I really want a book deal.
I'm pretty sarcastic. I'm very witty. And I have a wickedly dark sense of humor.
I live in Austin, TX and am still getting used to being a Texan.
My husband, Dr. T., works at the University of Texas.
*insert obligatory "Hook 'Em Horns" here*
I left behind a 15-year career as a graphic designer to start over as a freelance writer and editor. You should hire me. Email me and we'll talk.
I have an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety which I happily fight with medication and exercise.
OK, I'm lying about the exercise. I try to run. Sometimes. But god, it's hot here. And have I mentioned the humidity?
Overall, I'm a happy person trying to steer this Parenting Ship without hitting too many icebergs and with few casualties. My number one goal in life, besides a book deal, is for L.E. to be happy, healthy, well-adjusted, smart and hilarious. So far, she's all that and more.
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My little L.E. in her Longhorn glory.

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