Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello. It's Me.

Well, I'll at least embed it so you can listen to it while I write a post that is in no way, shape or form meant to be sad.

If you saw the title of this post and thought it was a link to the record-smashing new song from Adele, I'm sorrynotsorry you'll have to read this.
I haven't written in an age and a half and I would love to tell you all of the reasons why.
One of them is that I've been trying to focus on work, which backfired in only the way things can for me. Pro-tip: don't update your Ashley Madison credit card information with the company card.
Other reasons include:

  • I'm so tired
  • I'd rather watch TV
  • I'd rather read this book or this book or this book
  • I'm taking a new medication, which I'm convinced causes me to be distracted easily. Side effects include fatigue, weight gain, excessive urination, dry mouth, distraction and your eyebrows falling out
  • L.E. is in Girl Scouts...not that I'm committing a ton of time to it, I just felt like adding that in because overscheduling kids is the new normal. That hour and a half every other week is just HUGE.
  • Dr. T has been traveling a lot (This has everything nothing to do with my Ashley Madison account)

In all seriousness, I just haven't had much to really write about. It's this time of year when the weather changes and I find myself full of even more self-doubt and self-loathing than normal. I don't know if it's because it's time for my long sleeve shirts and they never fit from the year before – thanks, queso! – or something else.
I felt compelled to write here because anytime I'm full of self-doubt, my readers – all 2 of you – say something nice to make me feel better. So thanks in advance for telling me you like my outfit – why yes, these are new yoga pants! – and that my haircut is fabulous.
I haven't completely abandoned writing; I've had some posts for LiveMom. You should read those, too. Some of them, well most of them, involve alcohol.
Wow, this post is kind of pointless. I think I just wrote it so I could make my side effects joke.
And link to Adele.

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