Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Things that are Hard (Now that I Have a Kid in Kindergarten)

Yep, that's right. Another list!
School starts at 7:30 every morning. If you're asking how are kids supposed to learn that early, I do not know the answer; I only know that every day after I drop her off, I feel like I won a hard-fought battle. 
And I haven't even gotten to work yet.

Getting out of bed
Getting my kid out of bed
Brushing the kid's teeth while she's still in bed
Putting clothes on the kid while she's still in bed
Finding something for breakfast that doesn't leave crumbs in the bed
Finding matching shoes
Finding her backpack
Keeping her water bottle from leaking
Keeping her water bottle clean
Finding your keys
Trying to figure out where those precious 15 minutes of downtime went
Leaving the house without forgetting something
Driving a safe speed
Parking in a properly-marked space
Drinking a mug of coffee while hurrying into the school
Fighting the urge to harass the dad wearing a Cleveland Browns shirt
Not using the phrase "getting my shit together" while talking to her teacher
Doing my hair
Doing my makeup
Caring that I wore the same outfit last week
Putting gas in my car
Remembering breakfast before I say "fuck it, I'm going to Whataburger"
Getting to work on time, despite being up for over three hours
Returning emails
Returning calls
Remembering to push SEND
Drinking water
Eating snacks
Signing forms
Checking in with family
Checking in with friends
Checking Facebook
Staying awake
Leaving work on time
Watching TV that does not have an animal or muppet as the main character
Feeling good about my parenting
Feeling good about my appearance
Feeling good about my blogging

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