Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ten Ways to Get Kicked Out of the PTA the First Week of School

Because being in the PTA is a thankless job...just like parenting.
  • Cut to the front of the coffee line at the First Day of School Breakfast
  • Pull out a flask at the First Day of School Breakfast
  • Pay your dues in pennies carried from an old sock
  • Shout, "Where the strippers at?" at the first all-hands meeting
  • Wear this shirt to Open House:

  • Offer to organize a fundraiser called Shots for Tots at a local dive bar
  • Yell, "It's only the second day so fuck off!" across the parking lot as you're trying to make it inside before the bell rings. On the second day.
  • Park your car on the sidewalk for drop-off and pick-up
  • Openly complain that the library doesn't have the most current issues of Hustler
  • Ask the school nurse when you can schedule a PAP smear for yourself so you can avoid a $30 co-pay

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