Monday, February 23, 2015

Five Little Things that have Totally Changed Since I Became a Mom

The title of this post seems very Austin Moms Blog-ish. But I figured since L.E. is about to turn five – and i'm procrastinating planning her birthday party – I thought I would reflect on the little changes in my life. These aren't the HUGE things that happen when you become a parent, like all of your love and worry go into this tiny person who doesn't understand logic or reason and can make you go insane while wondering how you ever lived without them...that's a whole other post. I'm talking about the little things that used to be simple but now require tactical-mission planning.

1. Movies. We used to go to movies ALL THE TIME. Every Saturday we would go to the movie theater in downtown Reno, gorge on popcorn and smuggled-in sodas and then have a drink either at the Tap House or wine bar nearby. Now when the Oscars come on, I realize I have no idea what any of the nominated movies are nor do I know any of the songs that are not from a kids' movie. I didn't even know the animated ones this year! (How did The Lego Movie get the shaft?)

2. Shopping. My after-work trips to Target are a thing of the past. My commute is about 45 minutes at night so I'm usually racing home to see L.E. and Dr. T. The working-mom guilt still persists when I realize that I only have about four hours a night of quality time with her before she explodes in a rage because I selfishly kept her up till 10. There are no more leisurely trips to Target where I can spend $75 on useless crap. And when I needed to buy a nice dress for my girls trip to Vegas, I had to take L.E. with me which was fun for about an hour. She was perfect, it was me who had the fitting room meltdown when I got stuck in a dress. Luckily, I didn't have to yell for someone who worked there like that time at Zara when three size 00 gals had to practically cut me out of a size 10. (I digress...)

She never judges.

3. Shoe shopping. See above. I used to go to DSW on a regular basis. Now I can't even recall the last pair of shoes I bought.

4. Brunch. Going out for breakfast on a Sunday morning was a highlight of my week. We'd have to wait for a table for over an hour, though, which just isn't going to happen these day. But the upside to this is most taco places are counter service and delicious. Everyone wins!

5. Music. I work with a bunch of people who are younger than me and they're always talking about this awesome show last weekend or this incredible record that's coming out. I used to be way on top of the music scene. Once I became a mom, I lost interest in keeping up with musical trends. I still like what I've always liked. I'm sure I'll get made fun of for this but I'm non-ironically excited for new Modest Mouse and Death Cab albums. As far as seeking out the next huge band that you've never heard's just not me anymore.

This isn't meant to sound like a plea for my old life. In fact, I love my life now and I don't really care that the only movies I see are from Disney and Dreamworks. I don't need to buy the useless crap from Target and shoes are over-rated. I would much rather hear L.E. jam on her accordion than hear the latest track from that Swedish band who's about to make it big.
And T is a master of the breakfast taco; I can eat those at home while wearing my PJs.

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