Sunday, May 4, 2014

10 Ways "Frozen" Has Consumed Our Lives

10. "For the first time in forever, you're going to wear normal shoes instead of Crocs."
9. "Yes, I like warm hugs but not when it's 94 degrees out, you've been playing your 'run around in circles while shrieking' game and you're asking me to wipe your butt."
8. "It's not nice to call your daddy a bit of a fixer-upper."
7. "Just because it's the only place where you can find an Elsa doll doesn't mean we're going to Japan tomorrow."
6. "Why does everyone like Elsa so much better? Anna is the one risking her life to save her; I don't see Elsa caring that much about anything other than her swishy hips, spangly dress and ice palace.....oooooh, her shoes are so shiny!"
5. "Did you just call me an ugly-looking donkey?"
4. "Olaf is willing to melt for Anna. Isn't that true love?" "No, Mommy, you're ruining the ending!"
3. "Mommy does not have a frozen heart just because she said you couldn't have more jelly beans."
2. "Don't say the cold doesn't bother you anyway; you spent five minutes in Deep Eddy pool and now your lips are blue."
1. "Queen Elsa takes a bath. Every. Single. Night."


  1. Replies
    1. I was inspired by your "singing 'Let it Go' on the toilet" post.

  2. Ha ha ha ha! Mine is Ninjajo characters, but same concept. Or superheroes. Or baseball players. I've been known to get on the phone and pretend that a baseball player from the Rangers is on the phone telling him to eat his lunch...

    1. I'm hoping for sports obsessions once Steeler season rolls around again.

  3. Ha! This is so funny yet so true! My husband laughs at how I can relate almost any life situation to a Friends episode. Now we are constantly referencing Frozen! :)

    1. Has Addison referred to your husband as a fixer-upper? :)