Saturday, August 24, 2013

My First Year as a Texan

Yep. Ate a lot of this.
We've been in Austin for a year. So crazy. Seems like just yesterday I said good-bye to Reno.
I want to write about the emotional roller coaster that this last year has been. But that would take a lot of thought so give me a few days. Instead, I'll sum up the last year in food.

Tacos tacos tacos burgers bbq pizza tacos fried chicken queso bbq bbq burgers macaroni & cheese corn casserole pinto beans tacos bbq queso doughnuts pizza chicken wings ribs bbq brisket beef ribs banana pudding tacos pizza green chile queso tacos bacon donuts fried chicken pork tacos bbq burgers tacos chicken fried steak tacos bbq queso tacos ribs salad.

And I work for a chocolate company. Good thing chocolate is good for me!

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  1. I am an Okie Down Under in NZ. Your description of one year in Austin hits me where I live. I am dying down here. No TexMex. Lawsy. Lawsy. Lawsy.