Monday, August 5, 2013

Leaky Mind Syndrome

Every day I start a post in my head. I never actually make it to my lappy to write it.
It could be about L.E.'s sudden desire to dress herself and what the hilarious results are.
It could be about the recent dressing-down I got from my physical therapist about my lack of core strength and ab muscles.
It could be about having to go to physical therapy for an injury that happened well over a decade ago.
It could be about the latest trends in wedding cakes, dog training, lice treatments, chocolate, or skin care, all of which I have Google alerts set for because of my client-base.
It could be about the fact that I have a client base.
It could be an independent poll about whether or not to use the Oxford comma.
It could be a segue into the song Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend.
It could be about not sleeping but I just did that.
It could be about how my dog doesn't seem to like anyone else as much as he likes me and that makes me feel good in a way because I'm never number 1.
It could be about run-on sentences.
It could be about the new motivational poster I want to make that says "I Run So That I Don't Die."
It could be about the ridiculous wake-up call I've gotten from my doctor that essentially means buh-bye queso.
It could be about not having a babysitter to call on or someone to watch the dog while we go on a trip in a few weeks.
It could be about how a simple day planner is keeping me back on track.
It could be about how much I hate SEO, metatags, and search descriptions.

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