Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Insomniac Part 2: The Electric Boogaloo

Yeah, I have a lot going on. And I can't sleep. Again.
I went from no job to three jobs in a pretty quick timeframe. It's all requiring a ton of self-management, of which I'm struggling with yet still able to maintain.
Obviously, Hip-Baby Mama has been the biggest thing to suffer.
I love my blog. I love having the freedom to ramble about pretty much anything. Apparently enough people read it to justify keeping it up.
If there's nothing else I've learned in the last few months, it's that maintaining a blog is hard work.
Maintaining my life is hard work.
Some days, I come home from the office and all I want to do is sleep.
And sometimes I do.
My mid-afternoon naps have become the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. My dirty little secret that's even worse than the fact that I wax my face.
Why do I do this? Why do I do things that make me feel horribly guilty and like a horrible person because there are a gazillion other things I should be doing?
I can place blame.
I just had a cold.
I pulled my rhomboid muscle and had to take a ton of muscle relaxers, which my mom says I need to get off of or I'll become a junkie.
They make me tired.
I can't sleep at night because of these little naps.
But that doesn't explain why I'm awake right now.
I actually had a ridiculously productive day.
All deadlines were met.
All clients are happy.
But I can't sleep and I have heartburn.
My printer broke.
L.E. needs a haircut.
I left a bathing suit and two of our three beach towels out in the rain.
Sometimes I think my husband doesn't like me.
Other times I think nobody likes me.
G-man is snoring.
I didn't check my office email sooner.
We need groceries.
One of my best friends is having her baby today.
I bet she can't sleep either.
After being around her and another one of my best friends who is also pregnant, I still have zero desire for another baby.
My mom thinks that's weird.
Dr. T. is grateful.
Our lives – and food bills – have deeply changed since L.E. developed speaking skills, eating habits and free will.
I always think I have this perfectly-coiffed, well-manicured little lady like this one.
L.E. usually looks more like this.
Did I mention she needs a haircut?
I better try to go back to bed.
It's almost time to wake up.
Oh...Ikea pillows suck.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What Kind of Mom Are You?

We had some fun over at Austin Moms Blog today. Each contributor took on a different Mom-type based on their personality and overall parenting strategy, if there is one. I'm, of course, the Shortcut Mom. I brush my teeth while I brush L.E.'s teeth while she's going potty. If a recipe requires more than three steps, it's either up to Dr. T. to make dinner or I'm making my famous trip to Torchy's.
I didn't put my kid in the accompanying photo because that would have required more effort. But then again, Shortcuts are not to be confused with Laziness. Usually.
Read more here and tell me, what kind of mom are you? Don't forget to vote in the poll!