Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm Still Not Used To Life In Texas (Or Maybe I'm Not an Alcoholic After All)

Exchange between Dr. T. and me at the grocery store.

Me: We should get some rum and make mojitos

T: We should. Can you run over to Spec's and get some?

Me: We're in a grocery store. The liquor aisle is right over there

T: Don't you remember where you live? You can't buy liquor in grocery stores in Texas. That's why there's LIQUOR STORES.

Me: {Long pause.} But you can buy mixers. Why would they make you go to another store for liquor?

T: It's just the way it is here

Me: Fine. I'll go to Spec's. But I'm playing video poker on the way out.

T: {Face palm, eye roll, head shake}

L.E.: I get to spin the wheel, right? {There is a gambling-type game for kids in the grocery store. Think Price is Right's big wheel}

And that's when it took me almost a year to go into a liquor store.

On another note, I'm over on Austin Moms Blog today talking about getting organized. {Pause for laughter} No, really. If I can do it, you can do it.

And scene.

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