Friday, June 14, 2013

BlogHer Food 2013

BFFs: Bloggy Friends Forever!
This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be a volunteer for the BlogHer Food conference here in Austin. It was my first blogging conference; usually it takes a lot for me to commit to something, let alone three days of something. I always want to know if food will be served. Well guess what? BlogHer Food has food right in the title! I was set!
I got lucky in that my only official volunteer duties were working registration and mic wrangling. But some of my fellow volunteers were in charge of live-blogging, which is commendable because they had the responsibility of blogging the sessions. If I had to live-blog the sessions, there would have been at least five different times that I would have typed "section omitted...I was thinking about cheese..."
In between sessions, there was an expo set up with tons of swag and samples. All of the brands were clamoring to get me to blog for them. I had to smile and say no; my empire is doing just fine on its own. OK, that's a lie but I did learn about some blogging opportunities that I may eventually have time for in 2017.
Overall, the experience was amazing. I never went hungry or thirsty and met some pretty amazing people.
Here are the live blogs from the sessions I attended:
Write to Be Read
Video Bootcamp # 3: Editing
Food Stories Through Visuals
Making Mobile Photographs That Are Print and Cover-Worthy

Food Blogging for the Next Generation - Finding Solutions at the Intersection of Childhood Obesity and Food Insecurity in the USA

And here are the amazing people I met who made the weekend so extraordinary. If you get a chance, please visit their blogs.
Hill Country Cook
Redd Party – I took them to meet Dr. T and L.E. at my favorite Rainey St. place, Banger's. What I love about Lee and Winter is that they weren't afraid to try the antelope and boar.
Being Cheap Is Easy – She did not judge me when I wanted a beer before the open bar was open.
Mile Hi Mama
The Chatty Momma – Our fearless volunteer-wrangler and all-around awesome chick.
Local Belle
Spritti Bee
Charm and Sass – She did not judge me when I ate an entire bowl of queso fundido by myself
Pan Fusine
The Cooking Mom
AvengerOfSexiness – This site is way more fun than her food blog but you can check that out, too.
San Jose Food Blog
Blog Con Queso – She's my Facebook friend despite having never met in-person until I almost tackled her when I saw her in-between sessions.
They're Not All Gems – another friend who led our taco tour and fortunately missed seeing me face-down in queso funded

The big food celebrity was Ree Drummond – aka the Pioneer Woman. She is very tall. I never saw her up-close except for when she was surrounded by a gaggle of admiring bloggers and that's how I know how tall she is. Her husband The Marlboro Man was there, too. Winter from Redd Party told me a funny story about how the Marlboro Man went up to her husband because he was the only guy there at that particular time. Also, I had to explain to Dr. T that The Marlboro Man really wasn't a Marlboro man – "They're all dead, aren't they?" – Funny stuff.

I know I'm missing a bunch of people and for that, I apologize.
Even though I didn't win any of the huge prizes, I walked away with a HUGE bag of swag. I don't have to buy sugar for a while and I discovered Keurig Pour-Over-Ice K cups.
The best part about BlogHer Food was being around other people who truly love food as much as I do. We get so caught up in dieting and fads and nutrition that we forget the basic tenants of food: it's delicious and what brings us together.


  1. Great recap! You got me wanting to go next year....even though I pretty much have no business being there! Maybe I'll wrangle mics. :)

    1. Seriously, volunteering is the way to go. I'm going to sign up like that for every blogger conference I can!

  2. Sounds like a blast! I met Ree at her cookbook signing in Dallas a few years ago. She said my name reminded her of Waterford Crystal - they have a line called Maeve.

    1. That's so cute! Maybe she remembers you. It's hard to forget a Maeve!

  3. Awesome recap! I had so much fun hanging with you and I'm glad we got the chance!

    How could I ever judge for eating an entire bowl of queso? Especially after you offered to share with me!?