Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You Had to Ask, Didn't You?

My new dog G-man. Don't ask him if he wants to go outside.
Yesterday I heard an interview with John Densmore, drummer for The Doors. The interviewer asked him, "How bad it suck when Jim Morrison died right at the height of The Doors' success?"
If I'd been drinking something at the time, I would have snarfed it like a cartoon. Of all the questions to ask this guy, you chose the one that he's probably answered millions of times over the last 40+ years.
I felt badly for Mr. Densmore but he answered it with dignity and though he'd answered it a million times over the last 40+ years.
This got me thinking about all of the questions people have to hate answering.
I have quite a few, namely "When are you having another baby?" "When are you finding a real job?" and "How's the book coming along?"
Then I thought of different people, famous and not, who get asked the same questions over and over again.
So here is a list of questions I think these people are tired of answering. So we should stop asking them. Except L.E. She needs to brush her teeth.

To Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson: "How much weight have you gained and how quickly will you lose it post-baby?"

To Tim Tebow: "How does it feel being an NFL failure?"

To L.E.: "Do you want to brush your teeth?"

To any pregnant woman: "When are you due? What are you having? What's the name? How much weight have you gained? Are you going to breastfeed?"

To any new mom: "Is he/she sleeping through the night? No? My perfect little angel was sleeping for 10 hours a stretch since he was 2 days old...."

To Mante' T'eo: "How could you be so stupid?"

To Kristen Stewart: "Are you ever happy?"

To Sofia Vergara: "Are they real?"

To Bruce Jenner/Joan Collins/Meg Ryan: "What happened to your face?"

To L.E.'s teacher: "What's that kid's name again?"

To Dr. T: "What do you do for a living, again?"

To a co-worker every Monday morning: "How was your weekend?"

To your vet: "Aren't you going to take him out for drinks before putting that in there?"

To my new dog, G-man: "Do you even know your name?"

To Ryan Lochte: "Why do you exist? No seriously, WHY?"

To Lindsay Vonn: "What are you thinking?"

To any Real Housewife: "Can we trade lives?"

I could go on.

What are the most annoying questions you get asked?


  1. When I say zach's deployed people ask "I thought they were bringing them back home?"

    1. Annoying! That's when you act all dumb and let them believe they just gave you the idea that he's living a double life in Chicago.

  2. Your new dog is adorable! :) I get asked ALL the time when I'm going to have another child. My son is 5, and I feel pressured to have a baby from friends/family. I know they mean well, but I'm just not ready. Especially since my son is on the autism spectrum and needs special attention. I'm just honest with them about my feelings. -- Great post! :)

    1. I think people grossly underestimate the challenges of one child and think a second one isn't a big deal. I think differently. I appreciate you sharing, Melly!

  3. Oh my yes, agree completely, enough with stupid questions! And your new dog is freaking adorable!
    I nominated you back for the Liebster Award, not that you want to post about it again! Thanks for the nomination, I really appreciate it!