Friday, May 3, 2013


Which ones would YOU wear?
Yes, you read that title right.
This post is a bit more rant-y than my other posts so be forewarned. I don't normally get all riled up about things like gender bias. Until now.
L.E. is potty-trained. It went much better than I could have dreamed and that's all I really want to say about it so I don't jinx her to where she poops in her carseat tomorrow.
She's been in Pull-Ups for the last year. And that's when I first realized there were different undergarments for little boys and little girls. Little boys get Cars; little girls get Disney Princesses. My little girl is not into princesses so I would buy her the Cars ones. Who doesn't love having Lightning McQueen on their butt?
Pull-Ups are the same shape for both girls and boys so I had no problem with L.E. wanting to wear Cars ones.
Same with PJs; she always picks robots and trucks instead of butterflies and fairies.
Or animals; animals are always her number one.
So now she can wear underwear.
This is a pretty big milestone.
I'd gotten her a big package of Hello Kitty underwear last year so I would have them on-hand. Hello Kitty is perfect for her; just girly enough without venturing too far into princess territory. The only pink on them is hot pink.
I needed to get her some more so I went to the same place, Costco, and scoped out the options.
For the boys: Cars, Nemo, Toy Story, Monsters Inc.
For the girls: Princesses
I had the boys' underwear in my hands. No way is my little girl, who can quote Nemo verbatim, going to miss out on the underpants that she prefers.
But I stopped.
The boys' underwear have the dreaded weenie-flap. And I'm not ready to explain the difference between boys and girls to my 3-year-old.
See, to a 3-year-old people are people.
We're all the same.
We all have people who love us and we all love to sing and make art and hug our friends.
It doesn't matter what color we are, where we live or who our parents are.
It's a time for innocence that I'm just not ready to shatter.
I don't want it in her head that boys are different than girls.
I didn't want to explain why Buzz Lightyear underpants have a hole in them but her Daisy Duck ones don't.
I like to think that when the time comes, I'll be frank and upfront when it comes to talking about body parts and sex.
But for now, just let her believe that everybody is on equal footing.
She's going to face enough gender bias in her life; why does it have to start now?
I ended up with some Hanes underwear with a cute gingham print that are only slightly girly.
They have the days of the week on them. I promise myself I won't freak out if she has on Tuesday when it's actually Friday.
So I tell myself.
I need to find her more Hello Kitty.
Or write angry letters to Disney begging for girls' underwear that have Nemo and Buzz on them.
Sans weenie-flap.

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