Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Changes Afoot

My to-do list from mid-February. The birthday gifts finally got bought. The baby gift hasn't.
Today starts another new beginning. As you may know, I've been fun-employed since February. That means I got to quit my design job and "find myself." My intention was to grow this blog, get discovered and commissioned to write a book.
I even started the book. Still at one-and-a-half chapters.
After two weeks, I started actively and desperately looking for work. I applied for writing jobs as much as I could. I even looked at design jobs.
I got no response.
I curled up on the couch in a depression, watching Arrested Development re-runs.
I cried all the time. I felt as though I wasn't contributing to the household except for half-assed cleaning before Dr. T came home from work.
I did a lot of laundry. I got the kitchen sink sparkling but I'm still struggling with the bathtub.
I started to get a little more desperate.
I contemplated working anywhere I went from the drugstore to Torchy's Tacos to Target to the grocery store to cleaning houses. I looked at the panhandlers at the on-ramps with envy. They at least were bringing home some change.
Dr. T was very supportive, but I could tell he was getting nervous about our financial situation.
But then in mid-March, I got two random and completely different jobs. One is a PR intern; I've never directly worked in PR before but I've been involved in plenty of events. This "internship" has me making a lot of phone calls, which is good for getting over my phone-anxiety.
The other gig is as a blogger and designer for a local chocolate company. I've regained my passion for design because I'm finally working for a client with a truly great product.
Plus, free chocolate.
I can honestly say that I truly love both jobs. Both present their own unique challenges. Both are flexible. And both women who run the companies are really awesome people who inspire me.
I'm happy to be on their teams.
But I needed something a little more steady.
Good things come to those who wait.
My newest job is as an admin for an architecture firm. Again, something completely different from anything else I've done. I'll learn an entirely new set of skills, along with being challenged to keep an office organized. I'm happy to dive in with both feet and use my brain in a totally different way.
For the first time in months, I feel relief.
But now I'm realizing all of the things I didn't do while I was off. I didn't go to the art museum or go for runs along the Town Lake trail. I didn't go to the coffee shop down the street and write while sipping lattes.
I didn't call my friends as much as I should have.
I didn't go to Franklin BBQ.
My to-do list remains mostly unchecked.
But I did find a therapist...


  1. Wait... you turned down the chocolate? WOMAN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??

    1. Oh no! I didn't turn it down. It's a freelance gig. I may be crazy but not insane!

  2. Yes, free chocolate!