Monday, April 1, 2013

Where Did THOSE Come From?

Every morning after Dr T and L.E. leave, I take some quiet time for myself and figure out how I'm going to spend my day.
Then I take a few minutes for some "maintenance." I call it my morning tweeze & squeeze. Blackheads need popped, grey hairs need plucked and I have to wonder how long that mole has been on my face and if it's getting darker.
Don't be squeamish; you know you do it, too.
This morning, I was in my squeezey groove when I noticed it. Them. I have no idea how long they've been there. I don't know if other people have noticed them.
Nose hairs.
I thought maybe they were an April Fools' joke.
Seriously, aren't those just for men?
Apparently not.
I've fought more than my share of facial-hair battles. I've had to bleach or wax my mustache since high school. While pregnant, I had some lovely long black hairs growing along my jawline. I have random moles that sprout hair overnight.
Hence, the daily tweeze & squeeze.
I can handle wrinkles, grey hairs and sun spots. I view my laugh lines as proof that I enjoy life and love to laugh. Even my trace of smoker's curtain lip doesn't freak me out because I rarely smoke anymore.
I can handle the occasional grey pube.
I get that I have to use anti-aging skin care products now instead of the same Neutrogena I used in as a preteen.
But nose hairs are different. Nose hairs are scary. They are irrefutable proof that I've crossed over from just being Italian to just being old.
If you tweeze them, you sneeze uncontrollably. Plus, you're using your good Tweezerman tweezers in your booger-zone.
I have yet to notice a single errant nose hair on Dr T. Even his ears are normal and he was a wrestler.
I'm too embarrassed to buy a nose hair trimmer. I might make him purchase one instead.
I don't even know where to get one! Is that the Beyond part of Bed Bath and Beyond?
Do they make them for ladies?
Will any of these work?
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What's your embarrassing beauty secret? Let's make it fun; tell me a real one and a fake one in the comments.


  1. Isn't that why god invented if you like, I'll send you some.

    1. That sounded a lot snottier than I intended! I don't think nose hair trimmers work all that well, uh, not that I know anything about that...
      I'd try getting a good set of trimmers like I use in the salon. The Peanut is a good, inexpensive option.

    2. If I Google The Peanut, will a porn site come up? Not that I'm judging or complaining...:)

    3. I always worry that my credit card usage warrants judgment. Like when I use my ATM card at Sonic, somebody at the bank is snickering behind my back. Same with Amazon...."Ooooh, she bought Nose Trimmers to go with her self-help book. Somebody needs a therapist!"

  2. I also have the few single hairs on my jawline and on my moles that came out after the birth of my second child. Then recently a hair (one single hair) on my right eyebrow started to grow longer and upwards. If nose hair is on the way, I am outta here.
    - stopping by from Bloggy Moms April Blog Hop

    1. The errant brows are the worst! I have a few that grow straight-up too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is going to sound horrific, but here goes. You can have your nose hairs waxed. Waxed I tell you and it's not even that bad! It is probably the least painful area I've ever waxed (and that's sayin' a lot, y'know?). It keeps the hairs away and you don't have to buy any nose hair trimmer. It's kind of embarassing to ask for it, but waxers don't care.

    1. It may take a lot of courage - and vodka - to get me to wax! But I just might have to try. Thanks for letting me know