Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Top Ten Signs You Didn't Get Any Sleep Last Night

10. You pour salt in your coffee but drink it anyway

9. You forget to lift the kid-potty-seat on the toilet

8. You call your husband "Bob." His name is not Bob

7. You don't even bother sorting the lights and darks before throwing them in the washer. You may have forgotten to use soap

6. While trying to blog, you rub your eyes and stare off into space for 20 minutes

5. You tell your husband that so-and-so told you about a great place that's kid-friendly. He snaps back that you just told him the exact thing ten minutes ago. This happens three times

4. You can't find your phone so you call it. Your daughter's teacher answers because you packed it in her lunch

3. A spider dangles down in front of your face. You try to pet it

2. You wander into the same room of the house looking for something but by the time you get there, you can't remember what it is. This happens three times

1. Your daughter, who was up all night screaming and crying, is perfectly happy and pleasant


  1. I have lived #2 and #5 for way too long! Hang in there, Lisa!

    1. I know you feel my pain, Annie. You "get" me like nobody else!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad I'm not there anymore...although I may still call my husband Bob (why not?), and #'s 2 and 5 happen to me all the time! Uh, so maybe I am still there, just most nights my boys sleep through the night, so I don't have that as an excuse.