Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Runner's High

I've been keeping up with running surprisingly well. As in running at least once a week. For me, that's a huge feat.
But I've always been kind of a lazy runner; I still use the Couch-to-5K app but I have it set to week three or four so the runs are mixed in with some walking. I know this seems lame but I like to vary the workout. And I'm lazy.
Yesterday, I decided to go crazy and set it to week seven. This was a five-minute warm-up walk, run for ten minutes, walk for three minutes, run for ten minutes and finish with a five-minute cool-down.
I have to say, that elusive runners' high I hear about all the time finally kicked in.
I never run continuously for a long period because I didn't think I could. But there I was, Franz Ferdinand blasting as I ran over two miles all at once. I barely even took advantage of the three-minute walk between runs.
It felt really good.
I didn't even have to stretch, which I know is stupid but again...lazy.
I'm very glad that I was wearing my real sports bra. The built-in-shelf-bra cami I sometimes run in isn't very supportive so I was able to do all the miles without a lot of bouncy-bouncy.
I finally felt validated that something I've been putting effort into is paying off. Granted, it hasn't been a ton of effort but enough for me to feel like if my pants weren't fitting better, it was a waste of time.
Lately I feel like I'm putting so much of myself into things for very little payout. Yes, I should be writing because I love it – and I do – but love doesn't pay the bills or buy a much-needed new pair of shoes.
So it was nice to feel a genuine sense of accomplishment. I hope to keep it up.
But it's supposed to rain tomorrow...


  1. Good for you. I totally hate running. But I really want to love it! I always feel good after I go for a walk/run, so I don't know why it's so hard. Oh wait. Yes, I do. I'm lazy too. HA!

    1. For me, getting the motivation to go is the hardest. I feel great once I'm out there but the process of getting dressed and finding my earphones is the worst.
      Thank you for not judging my laziness :)

  2. A lot of folks say that stretching before running is useless. Walking and mixing in high knees, long strides, kicks, etc. is supposed to be better. They say stretching is for flexibility, what we should do before a run is slowly activate our muscles.

  3. So happy for you! The longer you run, the more addicted you'll become so it makes it much easier to stay motivated. I'd recommend stretching when you're done though, at least a little. And don't be afraid of the rain, it feels great to run in the rain! Just wear a baseball-type of hat to keep it out of your eyes. :-)

    1. Today it's pouring and there are thunderstorms. I'm going to stay in bed!