Friday, April 26, 2013

Nothing in Particular

It's been a busy week in Hip-Baby Land. I have two freelance clients and they both were nice enough to pile on the work. Despite the fact that it really takes me a while to get going on a project, I relish the opportunity to work.
I may actually be able to afford a haircut soon.
I also had a root canal, which was a nice day of a hot endodontist, throbbing pain quelled by delicious pain pills and some banana pudding. I can't complain too much about it, but root canals suck.
That day I got hooked on Hemlock Grove. It's cheesy but surprisingly addicting and well-acted.
I have a big day tomorrow. It's the second annual Austin Food & Wine Festival and I am attending to help the Delysia Chocolatier team. I'm so excited to spend more time with Delysia and sample some more of their amazing and unique truffles. Chocolate, yay!
I had a weird nostalgia moment when I discovered that my childhood home is for sale. It was nice to see the photos of what used to be my room, which looks even smaller than I remember. But the paneling...gah, it's still there!
If these walls could talk...(they'd probably say, "This kid needs therapy.")
My brother-in-law wants to buy it.
L.E. and I had a girls' night out last night. We went to dinner at an Italian market and L.E. ooohed an aaahed over everything from the clear class lemonade dispenser to the huge selection of gelatos. I'm so happy that she's become so well-behaved in a restaurant. Dining out is one of my favorite things and if she wasn't cooperative, I would probably resent her and leave her in the car with the windows cracked. *kidding*
That's my faux wrap-up of the week. Have a great weekend!

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  1. We just started Hemlock Grove this weekend! Hadn't heard a word about it, but figured it was worth a shot since we liked House of Cards by Netflix, and supernatural shows like True Blood. So far I'm intrigued!