Monday, April 8, 2013

I Miss My Dog

As regular readers and friends know, we put our dog P-man to sleep right before Christmas. It was an easy decision to make because we could tell he was ready. He was 12 and struggling to walk. Hearing him whimper when he tried to stand up was more proof than we needed.
It was time.
And I still miss him.
Every morning, I still step over him when I get out of bed. I still anticipate him bum-rushing the door when I unlock it. I don't pick up food I drop on the floor because I still think he's going to help me clean up. I still save him cheese when I'm grating it for tacos.
I hear something creak in the house and I get scared because I now know it's not him but something else.
It's hard because I'm home all the time.
I'm lonely.
We've had a discussion about getting another dog. I'm not sure if I'm ready.
I don't want another dog, I want P-man back.
No dog I ever have will be as awesome as he was.
But I suppose I have to give an animal a chance.
We've looked at ads for Boston Terriers and other Labs. Part of me doesn't want a Lab because it's too soon. Another part of me thinks a Lab is the only way to go.
As long as it's not a HUGE one like P-man was.
I just miss him.

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  1. I thought my was dog waiting to be fed in the kitchen in the morning for months after he was gone. I imagined him behind my while I was getting that first cup of coffee as was our tradition. Years later, I still miss him, but I don't feel him behind me anymore. Sad we outlive our pets.