Friday, April 19, 2013

Dream Jobs

It's been three months since I quit my full-time job to strike out on my own.
It's been a challenge.
I have some clients and I'm extremely grateful for them. I love the work that I'm doing; it's different and fun.
But I think I need the peace of mind that a steady job provides, even if it's just a few hours a week.
Here is a list of my dream jobs.

  • Bestselling author. I've already written a chapter and a half of Hip-Baby Mama's Guide to Parenting in the Real World. Real original, I know. But it's fun to give unsolicited advice in an already saturated market. So where is my 6-figure advance?
  • Publicist. As of right now, I'm dabbling in PR as a 36-year old intern. I love it! Writing press releases has come pretty easy to me. I've written two of them so I'm totally ready to be the next Liz Rosenberg
  • Life Coach. But I think I would be terrible at it.
  • Preschool Teacher. Who wouldn't love to spend days outside with intermittent breaks to fingerpaint and read stories? It's like parenting but you get paid!
  • The person who names nail polish colors. The perfect shade of bumblebee yellow would be Steeltown Gold. A beautiful shade of light blue? Azul, The Gatekeeper. Do you hear me OPI? You need to hire me. 
  • Professional Cheese Taster.
  • Professional Wine Taster.
  • Copywriter for ModCloth. They have the best descriptions and names for their clothing. I would call a black dress Mourning Glory and it would be perfect to wear to the funeral of a friend's obscure relative.
  • Zombie Extra. I should live where they film The Walking Dead. It would be so fun to be a zombie without all of the disgusting parts of it like eating brains and rotting flesh. Are there any zombie movies filming in Austin this year?
  • Pageant Mom. Let's face it: L.E. is ADORABLE! I just need to teach her some ridiculous self-absorption and she would be the best Little Miss Daffodil ever. I would look amazing in tight bedazzled jeans with hair extensions and fake nails. I can teach her my old cheerleading moves. Next stop, Toddlers and Tiaras!
  • Sleep Study Candidate. I can be the one in the control group who sleeps uninterrupted so they can set the baseline to my patterns.
  • Fashion Stylist or Personal Shopper. I love fashion but can't afford it. This would be awesome to live vicariously through my job and look fabulous.
  • Paid Blogger. I don't get paid to write Hip-Baby Mama, but I do have a few fun paid gigs. So in essence, I'm doing one of my dream jobs!


  1. I absolutely adore your dream job list!! Being an extra on the walking dead would be amazing! (Creepy, but still amazing!)

    Happy Tuesday!

    1. I live to dream! Glad to know I'm not the only one who dreams of being a zombie.