Thursday, March 7, 2013


South By Southwest is next week. If you don't know what that is, can we please trade lives for a week? Because it's all a little overwhelming.
Austinites either love or loathe the SXSW festival. It brings in thousands and thousands of tech-savvy music elitists and nerds to check out some pretty amazing music, whether it's a band you loved 20 years ago or a band that will be huge in two years. It's hipster heaven, in a sea of hipsters.
I'm not a hipster.
But I love music and I can't ignore the fact that one of the country's biggest festivals is happening right under my nose. I took advantage of the locals' deal and got a music wristband for $150. This band will get me into something ridiculous like 5000 different gigs. I most want to see Vampire Weekend but I'm pretty sure that one will be hard to get into.
A good friend, who is also one of the biggest music-aficionados I know, is coming in from Reno. This is his big vacation every year. So instead of meticulously building a schedule, I'm putting all of my faith in his music prowess and will follow him around where ever he tells me to go.
Plus he's staying in a downtown hotel and can hopefully get a parking pass.
Sounds like a really awesome and exciting time, right?
Yes and no.
Next week is Spring Break. L.E.'s school, which is a pre-school mind you, is closed for the week. So I'll have my hands full with her during the day. That greatly cuts into my wandering-around-downtown-in-the-hopes-of-bumping-into-Justin-Timberlake time. See, those fuckers at SXSW are smart like that; they time the festival with UT's spring break so there isn't any sort of music nerd on school nerd crime. The UT kids go off to the beach at South Padre or where ever the best place is to do keg stands and flash their boobs while us more refined types run amok on 6th St and try not to get peed on.
It sounds fun and horrible at the same time.
So yes, I'm excited to do something different and fun. But since most of the shows don't start till midnight, it's going to be really late nights followed by really early mornings. L.E. still doesn't understand the concept of, "Mommy and Daddy were out late. Can't you play with the iPad by yourself?"
I'm hoping I can find lots to do with her while she's off. There are some SXKids type-things that we'll check out, including tons of stuff on here. L.E. LOVES live music and she's always the crazy little kid jumping up and down in the front row. Ask any performer at Mueller Farmers' Market and they'll know who you're talking about.
I'm going to take as much advantage of public transportation as I can. Traffic and parking are bad enough in this town without 25,000 extra people wandering around. Good thing L.E. likes train rides and buses. Apparently you can ride the bus in Austin and not get stabbed. That's a novelty considering all of the other places I've lived where bus-riders got stabby.
Plus the Ikea in Round Rock has free face painting. Maybe they can make me a hipster kitty!
Am I crazy for wanting to embrace SXSW? Or should I just stay away in my little suburban utopia?

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