Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Me and Hugh Jackman

I especially liked the way he said, "I'll get you another cocktail, darling."
Dreams are weird.
Last night, I dreamt that I went to see a live performance of Les Miserables with my date, and apparently new boyfriend, Hugh Jackman. Now in real life, I'm kind of indifferent to Hugh Jackman. He seems like a nice enough guy, loves his wife and kids despite the gay rumors and generally seems to be a happy person who loves life. Plus, when Jennifer Lawrence fell while going to receive her Best Actress Oscar, he jumped up to help her. He's sexy but I've never had him on my list or anything. So it's strange to have him pop up in my dream as my suave and debonair date to a live musical. Yes, ladies, he is just as hot in dream-life as he is in the movies.
Hugh and I arrived via Cap Metro (sooooo Austin) and went to our really crappy seats in what looked like an attic with a window cut out to see the stage. This whole time, Hugh was super nice and friendly. He held my hand and joked with the people next to us. I asked if he was going to sing along to all of Jean Valjean's songs and he laughed as if it was the funniest thing he's ever heard. We talked about our kids and how much fun they had together. He kept bringing me drinks, too.
Apologies to Dr. T., but it was one of the nicest dates I'd ever been on in a dream! Definitely better than that time Eminem took me to a biker bar or Ben Roethlisberger (pre-rape-allegations) took me to a sports bar for a wing-eating contest. OK, maybe that was a pretty good dream-date, too.
I'm pretty sure I once dreamt about being in a strip club with Jeremy Piven, but that could have been real as well.
Dreaming about celebrities is such a bizarre thing. One time, at the height of Bennifer, I had a dream that Jennifer Lopez was sobbing to me because I didn't like her. Then there was that time that Sandra Bullock and I were eating cheesecake. (Maybe that could really happen because of her Austin restaurants!)
I have no idea how Hugh Jackman and I ended up in a dream-relationship. The only trigger I can think of besides the Oscars is we saw an ad for Rise of the Guardians and he's a voice in that. Weird that I didn't end up dating Alec Baldwin or Chris Pine....
Do you ever have weird dreams with celebrities? Do they ever get dirty? Mine don't; my sex dreams usually involve people I know which makes for some awkwardness the next time I see them.


  1. Ha! Yes...I had a dream about Channing Tatum. I look at him TOTALLY different now! ;)

    The Mrs. and The Momma

    1. I'm totally sitting by you at AMB's Moms Night Out if we're watching Magic Mike :)