Thursday, March 14, 2013

Liebster Award

So this has happened a few times so I figured I'd finally acknowledge it. A few weeks ago, Tracy from Newlywed Diaries nominated me for the Liebster Award. I don't know if I get a trophy, but it's very nice of her just the same. And it means I can now put "award-winning blogger" on my resume.

I had to nominate 11 people, as well, and I could only come up with 8.

I was also nominated by Sugar Plums and Lollipops. Both posts from these gals had different rules. I'm going to be nice and answer both sets of 11 questions as opposed to including fun facts. I already did the fun facts thing recently. Twice.

My 11 questions from Tracy : 
1.  Tattoos? Have or want? I have one; it's a tramp stamp of a sun with a swirly under it. 
2.  Boys with blonde hair and blue eyes or dark hair and brown eyes? If they listen, does it matter?
3.  Stripes or Florals? Stripes! I hope my striped shortie friend is happy with this choice.
4.  What is your dream vacation? I really want to go to Florence, Italy
5.  What is your biggest social networking obsession?  (Oh instagram). Am I old-school if I say Facebook? I'm nosey and want to see what everyone is up to. 
6.  Why do you blog? Because I love to write and I have a lot to say. Most of the time, it won't piss you off.
7.  Flats or heels?  Or chucks? Wedges or boots
8.  Tell me about your family! My parents don't know I write about them as much as I do. My husband and daughter are my favorites.
9.   If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why? Home is where ever I'm with you.
10.  What is your all time favorite song?  "Leave" by R.E.M
11.  Sun or Snow?! I only like snow when it's sunny.

My 11 questions from Sugar Plums and Lollipops:
1. What is the most recent book that you've read and how would you rate it? World War Z. Excellent
2. Where is the one destination that you have or would love to visit? Florence, Italy
3.  What is your #1 pet peeve? Being ignored, whether it's by salespeople or anybody else.
4. What is your favorite holiday and why? Thanksgiving because I love to eat.
5. Favorite movie of all time? Trainspotting
6. What was the make and color of your first car? 1980 Ford Mustang. It was brown with aesbestos-orange interior
7.  The most embarrassing  thing that has ever happened to you? Puking on the floor of my favorite bar the first time I was out with all of my new co-workers.
8.  What is your biggest fear? My kid will need therapy because of me
9.  If you could have one super power what would it be? The power to take on any super power I want
10.  What was the last song that you listened to today? The theme song from Abby's Flying Fairy School. (Is spring break over yet?)
11.  How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? As much wood as a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

My 11 questions for my nominees:
1.  Where do you live?
2.  What's your favorite movie?
3.  How are you feeling today?
4.  What's your favorite part about blogging?
5.  What kind of craft would you recommend for someone who hates crafts?
6.  What's your favorite snack?
7.  Tiramisu or Death by Chocolate?
8.  What book can you read over and over again?
9.  What's your dream job?
10.  How do you find balance?
11.  What about you isn't what it seems?

My Nominees:


  1. Congratulations!! It's so exciting to get this award, I too was giddy and excited to fill mine out!