Saturday, March 9, 2013

ICYMI: Week in Review – 3-9-2013

Wow, being out of town really distracted me from my In Case You Missed It posts! Time to step into the Way-Back Machine.

When I got my February Birchbox, the body wash sample reminded me of my uncle and so that's I reviewed it. I had no idea he was still alive.

Did you know I collect stamps? Find out more random facts here.

Over on Austin Moms Blog, I wrote about whether or not L.E. is going to kill me in my sleep.
Side note: the little tiny robot that's pictured did not survive the trip to my parents' house. I'm sure Mom's vacuum cleaner will find it eventually. So far, L.E. has forgiven me. So far.

Yes, we took a trip to see Mee Maw and Pap Pap. Getting there was a nightmare but I have an amazing daughter who saw it as an adventure and told me to relax while I was in a heated discussion with a Southwest Airlines gate agent.

We met their pet alligator.

My recipe for kale chips set off a Pinterest-frenzy so I rounded up all of my recipe posts and put them in  one neat convenient location. Which reminds me, I need to do a recipe post next week.

We got back home and I realized my baby girl grew up.

Then I had the best dream date ever.

I anticipated the chaos that is SXSW during Spring Break, while touting 13 bands worth checking out.

Lastly, I participated in a Bloggin' Old School link up.

That's a lot to catch up on! As always, thanks for reading.
Finally, here is this week's Squee of the Week, a goat on the roof:

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