Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Suck At Reading

My impressive bookshelf.

Normally I love to read but I've had a hard time finishing a book lately. Here is a list of books I need to finish before I can justify purchasing George Takei's Oh Myyyy: There Goes the Internet.

Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon. My all-time favorite book is Chabon's Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. But Telegraph Avenue is tough. There are so many characters and if you read it sporadically, it's hard to keep track of who's who.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It's a great book about fighting the resistance that's keeping you from pursuing your creative dreams. It's an easy enough read but when I feel like I HAVE to read something, I always dawdle.

Blogging Success: Tips for Creating Content, Getting Traffic and Monetizing Your Blog by Holly Reisen Hanna. I got some good ideas about places to list this blog but the advice on monetizing isn't that great. I've yet to make a dime off my ads.

My Seinfeld Year by Fred Stoller. Chances are you know who Fred Stoller is even if you don't recognize his name. He was a writer on Seinfeld for a year and wrote about it. I just never finished it.
This guy.

Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart. For the same reason I didn't like A Confederacy of Dunces, I can't get into this book. Any time there's a male protagonist that I can't relate to or sympathize with, I lose interest in their story and abandon the book.

Toddler 411 by Ari Brown and Denise Fields. Let's be realistic, we're not supposed to read the ENTIRE parenting book, right? Just the parts we need like eating and sleeping. Medical stuff isn't that important, amirite?

The ABCs of Toddler Discipline by Michelle Smith and Rita Chandler. I couldn't tell you what ABC stands for in this book because to me, it's still Always Be Closing. (Video has salty language)

Me and My Sewing Machine by Kate Haxell. Have I ever told you how bad I am about finishing things I've started? I don't even know where my sewing machine is right now.

Recipe for Press by Amy Flurry. I'm almost done with this one, since I'm starting a new foray in PR. It's a good book but her editor should be fired because of how many times she uses "roll" instead of "role" and "stationary" instead of "stationery."

Other books I have no intention of ever finishing:
Eat. Pray. Love. (No point in reading past the Eat part)
Moby Dick. (I tried to read it more than once. I just can't.)
A Confederacy of Dunces. (The protagonist is a whiny and annoying.)
Potty Training 411. (All you need to know is wait till the kid is ready. Then they practically train themselves.)
Why Have Kids. (She made her point in the first chapter. I agree with her and don't need to read the rest.)
The Corrections. (Over-rated book by an over-rated author)
A Million Little Pieces. (I bought it right before he admitted it was a fraud. Nobody lies to Oprah. NOBODY!)

What books are you reading right now? What book do you have no intention of finishing?


  1. I freaking love Michael Chabon. Kavelier & Clay was amazing. So was the Yiddish Policeman's Union, if you have a chance to start that one. Worth finishing. I totally agree that Franzen is overrated though.
    Great list! Thanks for sharing. ;)

    1. I loved Yiddish Policemen's Union, too, but that one was a struggle to get into. Telegraph Avenue is just hard because there are SO many characters and when you only read once in a while, it's tough to keep track of who's who.

  2. I just clicked on a bunch of ads for you ;)

    I like reading short stories when I have little time or attention to spend on a book. Roald Dahl was a great children's book author but he wrote some really twisted adult fiction too. Check it out.