Monday, March 4, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened When I Wasn't Looking

Sitting down at breakfast. Hands folded. Please and Thank You.
L.E. has grown up.
She makes demands with her little voice instead of just by crying and screaming.
She asks questions.
She gives answers.
She loves a string of "whys?"
She hates, "Because I said so, that's why."
She announced to me that she's tired of diapers.
She is now wearing underpants.
She asks to use the potty every hour.
I did not train her to do this.
She asks to please watch a movie, please play with her toys, please go outside.
She responds with a "thank you."
She throws her arms around me and just says, "Mommy." with all of the cuteness she can muster.
She survived nine days away from her daddy and only asked for him a bunch towards the end of the trip.
She puts her toys away. Usually.
She gave up her binky without too much trouble.
She comes into our bedroom to wake us up instead of yelling from her bed.
She likes to nap in our bed because hers is "for babies."
She will sit at the dinner table for at least ten minutes before asking to be excused.
Yes, she asks to be excused.
Today she's going to the dentist.
I'm sure she will handle it with the same dignity and grace she handled an unexpected 24-hour delay in our trip to see her grandparents.
She will see it as an adventure.
Or she will handle it the same way she handles getting dressed every morning.
A full-on flailing fit while screaming she wants to stay in her fishy pjs.
One day last week, she took off the clothes I wrestled onto her and demanded I put her fishy pjs back on her.
Maybe she isn't growing up quite yet....


  1. Love this... I just found a froggy pajama top from when Spice was a baby... Size 6 months, she's seven now... I still can't bear to get rid of it.

    1. I have so many little things that i can't get rid of either!