Friday, February 1, 2013

Mom-spiration: The Dairy Fairy

Emily and Arden created their own fairy tale.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many awesome women lately, between MomCom and just through networking Hip-Baby Mama. So I decided to veer away from the snark and profile some of these women as part of a new series. I'm playing against-type by calling this series something cutesy:

First up is Emily Ironi, the DairyFairy. Emily is inspiring to me because she saw something missing for nursing moms and decided to fill the void. After the birth of her daughter Arden (the Arden Bra’s namesake), Emily experienced a lot of the same frustrations many pumping women do. Amidst the stress of being a new mom and closing down a business she co-owned, she realized her next goal in life was to create something that would make moms’ lives easier. By creating the Arden bra, moms who pump now have a fully-functional nursing bra that’s also super-cute.

From the Dairy Fairy website:
  • Both sides are independent, to allow for simultaneous nursing on one side and hands free pumping on the other
  • Convenient and efficient – Wear this bra all day, with no need to disrobe and change into an alternate hands free pumping bra
  • Innovative top cross over design to adjust the fit to your changing fullness level, create cleavage and remind you which breast was last used
Form = Function = Fashionable

The Arden bra will be produced via “crowd-funding” on which is a revolutionary way to raise money for a project. Her goal was to raise $20,000 by Feb. 5th in order to begin production and marketing. As of this posting, The Dairy Fairy has reached its $20,000 goal. But you can still pledge $100 for two bras that will ship to you when they’re ready.

Also, Kickstarter is a great way to gauge interest in a new product. Since an abundance of Kickstarter projects are male-oriented, Emily sets herself apart by being one of the few mom-preneurs on the site. 

Emily's goal for Dairy Fairy is pretty sweet: Improve on products that everybody hates.

Reasons why I admire Emily:
  • She saw a niche and filled it. Have you ever had a problem, particularly since becoming a mom, and wanted to solve it your own way? Well Emily did it instead of just thinking, “I wish I’d thought of that!”
  • She is raising her daughter as a single-mom while simultaneously growing the Dairy Fairy empire
  • She faces some tough competition from giant nursing bra manufacturers. But the Arden Bra sets itself apart by being truly beautiful and functional
  • She treats her dog like part of the family
  • Her answer to my standard question for working moms, “How do you find balance?” wasn’t cookie-cutter. “I am a 50% person. I know I may miss one of Arden’s important milestones but it’s because I’m providing a better life for her.” Hip-Baby Mama point: My counter to that is if you happen to miss your child’s first steps, your caregiver should make it a point to NOT tell you so when you do see it, it’s like the first time.
  • She admits her biggest asset is a strong support system. “It makes it easier to have people in your life to say ‘go for it!’” 
  • She used a mommy group to test out prototypes. Genius! 
I'm inspired by Emily in many ways. I have struggled with what I've wanted to do with my life over and over again. To meet a woman who ditched the rat race and create something that improves mom's lives is pretty kick-ass. I plan to take some of The Dairy Fairy's ideals to heart while figuring out my next move.

Click here to learn more about the Arden Bra
Click here to purchase from Kickstarter

Hip-Baby Mama is NOT being paid for this post, either monetarily or with product. This is just one mom helping another mom achieve her dream. Isn't that rainbows and unicorns?


  1. that looks way cuter than any nursing bra i've ever seen..

    1. I love the style of it, Hena. I need to get them of one of the eight pregnant friends I have...

  2. I gave this bra 5 stars simply because its just great, its my first time having to buy maternity bras and my first time using them ,I actually bought four and considering getting some more it offers just enough support and the adjustable straps allows for room to expand and reduce, its soft, not scratchy and I love the fact that there are no bones in this Bra,so no pleasure and bruising under the boobs which is an A plus for me,it doesn't give you that torpido look under clothes you can actually look and feel like a woman and your plain old self under clothes, the naps are very easy, definitely good maneuverability with one hand,its a good buy,its pretty true to size in my opinion , I strongly recommend
    barely there 2122