Friday, February 15, 2013

Lies I Tell My Daughter

Inspired by a recent post on Austin Moms Blog, here are all of the ways I lie to my daughter:

  • We're out of lollipops
  • We're out of cookies
  • We're out of popsicles
  • We're out of ice cream
  • Your bumblebee socks are dirty
  • It's my turn to drive, not yours
  • The binky fairy took your binkies and gave them to a baby who needs them
  • The zoo is closed
  • The grocery store is closed
  • The toy store is closed
  • They only made one episode of Blue's Clues
  • If you don't stop screaming, I will leave you here at the park
  • If you don't stop crying, I will leave you in the car
  • If you only have cookies for dinner, your teeth will fall out
  • Your tummy hurts because you didn't eat any carrots at lunch
  • The TV is broken
  • Netflix is broken
  • The cowboys are sleeping so we can't watch Toy Story
  • Mommy talks to Santa every day
  • The peacocks at the park are sleeping
  • We'll go the beach next week
  • Your friend can't come over because it's his naptime
  • Your potty will be sad if you don't use it
  • Mommy's too tired to read you a story at 3 am (wait, that's actually the truth!)
I know you lie to your kids, too. What lies do you tell them?


  1. Love these! For my older ones I like to add

    The Tooth Fairy had a lot of houses to go to last night, I bet you're on the list for tonight.

    I would have NEVER spoken to my parents that way.

    We are going to use this chart to keep organized and I am going to keep up with it.

    1. The Tooth Fairy! I'm going to have to be sneaky on that one. She's a light sleeper.
      I'm with you on the chart. I bought a magnetic white board so we can keep track of schedules and grocery list. So far all Dr. T has put on the to-do list is "partying"

  2. I definitely lie about being out of junk food. And saying "we'll go next week" or that her favorite movie is broken and we'll replace it soon, when really it's just hidden for at least a week.

    1. I told her Happy Feet was broken and they don't make it anymore. I seriously couldn't handle Nicole Kidman's quasi-Marilyn voice and the singing, my god the SINGING!

  3. The movie theater is closed today. You can't have a sip of my drink because I have a cold. You'll have to wait for daddy to turn on Transformers because I don't know what channel it's on.

    1. Love those. Lots of things are closed, aren't they? Like the park when Mommy has cramps.