Saturday, February 2, 2013

ICYMI: Week in Review – 2-2-13

Happy Groundhog Day!
Punxutawney Phil* did not see his shadow today at Gobbler's Knob so that means six weeks of spring weather. Yay!
*I did not have to google Punxutawney because it was a spelling word for me in the second grade. PA resident fo life, yo.

Since I'm writing almost every day, and in case you're not reading every day, I'll be posting these weekly wrap-ups so you can catch up. You are welcome, friend.

On Monday, I explored becoming a Life Coach and think maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea since my brutal honesty is bordering on shaming.

Next, I listed the worst possible things that cause L.E. to completely lose it. I'm sure other toddler parents can relate.

Some of my favorite bloggers wrote about how you should be happy they weren't blogging in their 20's.

I beg you to read my book should I get around to writing it.

And I introduced you to my Mom-spiration series and the lovely Dairy Fairy.

Have a fabulous weekend. Go 49-ers!

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