Monday, February 11, 2013

Please Don't Bother Me Because I'm Writing. Really.

Since we moved to Austin, a new phenomenon has entered our lives: the door-to-door solicitor. It's crazy here; missionaries, pest control experts, carpet cleaners, magazine sellers, kids with discount cards, petitions, community action networks, people selling meat out of the back of their trucks...the list goes on. Last week, my first full week at home, people knocked our door 15 times. 15 TIMES! Generally I ignored them but then I got paranoid. What if it's not someone who wants me to have more Jesus in my life? What if they're casing the joint to see if anyone's home so they can rob us blind?
Then I realized that probably wasn't the case because our back door was unlocked for three days last week and all of our electronics are still here.
I'm easily, distracted, though and I'm also quite gullible. If a person seems impoverished and wants to clean my car tires, I'll give them a few dollars. I'll sign a petition for clean water. I'll buy a magazine subscription and I'll even take the little Jesus comic book thingies. But I shouldn't be answering the door because I have a job to do.
If I'm going to take this writing thing seriously,  I need to take this writing thing seriously!
So I put up a sign, printed from here.

I don't know if it will work. It makes me feel kind of lame, like I'm a crazy lady. But if crazy means I just want to left alone, then please make sure I have this sign on my room at the asylum.
I saw a bunch of clever signs online, like this one, but I didn't want to be too cutesy.
Plus, I'm a Samoa girl.
I wish I'd put one of these up when I was on maternity leave. I remember a dude coming by and I screamed at him because his incessant doorbell ringing woke up L.E. I answered the door with her howling in my arms and he still insisted on making his pitch. I unleashed on him; I'm not one to normally lose it on people but this was during my PPD heyday. It actually felt pretty good to go off on a stranger and really not feel the repercussions, like if I'd lost it on Dr. T.

What do you think? Is this a smart idea or stupid? Sound off below.


  1. Seems like most houses in my neighborhood have no soliciting signs, so I wouldn't call it crazy at all. Brian and I are suckers too, so if we think it's a solicitor, we don't usually answer either! Just ignore them and write! Blast some music so you don't even hear the doorbell!

    1. I always have the music blasting! I think Portland is a lot like Austin only I'm betting you guys get a lot more political campaigning. I hope the signs work!

  2. I'd never heard of such a thing! That would drive me crazy. I'm a woman who likes my privacy. The problem is how do you know it's not the UPS man, or someone who you WANT to see? I could see how it would be hard to put that sign out, but good for you! Following back...

    1. UPS and FedEx both have the appropriate permissions to just knock and leave the packages. You can set that up online. I think anyone else would call first. I hope!

  3. Found you on the February Bloggy Moms Blog Hop and I have nominated you for the Liebster award. You can find the details on my blog here :

    -April @ Reporting for Duty