Monday, January 21, 2013

13 Anti-Goals for 2013

Yesterday, I posted 13 goals I'd like to accomplish. Today I'm writing about goals that I have zero intention of completing.

  1. I won't stop complaining about the following things: mosquitos; Ray Lewis; Bill Belichick's lack of sportsmanship; any football team that's not the Steelers unless it's the Steelers who are playing poorly, humidity, queso not being a diet food, being sick, how working moms have two jobs and your second boss is waaaayyyy less forgiving than the first one, my car not warming up fast enough, the tiny bugs that blow through our screens and pile up on the floor, my tiny bathroom, traffic (too much) and parking (not enough) in Austin, my laptop battery running out too fast, L.E. whining too much (when she's really not that bad)
  2. I won't finish reading any book that isn't a novel or bio. So my goal of reading "The Outliers" probably won't happen.
  3. I will always procrastinate. 
  4. I will always take on too much without asking for help.
  5. I will always ignore the hair in the shower drain
  6. Even while enjoying my bonding time with L.E., I will still have my phone within reach.
  7. Pretending L.E.'s potty-training is going great when it's actually a daily battle. (Me: Honey, you have to go use your potty. Her: I just went potty yesterday!!)
  8. Quoting such luminaries as Gooble, Elmo and Dora will remain my normal conversation starters.
  9. I will always pretend I know what's going on in Austin even though what I usually know is going is geared towards 4-year-olds.
  10. I will wear clothing that is a few seasons behind because I'm just into finding the right "look" for me that doesn't involve jeans and boots.
  11. I may cook more meals, but they won't be more elaborate. Meatloaf is going to be a regular thing.
  12. I will most likely judge the moms at those Mommy and Me gym thingies because isn't that why we go to them?
  13. I guarantee there will be times when I stoop to L.E.'s level of reasoning. Her: You CAN NOT comb my hair. Me: Yes I can. I outweigh you.
What are your totally out there, no intention of accomplishing feats for the year?


  1. I'm pretty sure procrastination is impossible to overcome haha. O well :P

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  5. Found your blog through the GFC Blog Hop - just in time to see this post! I love it! Well said! While I do have goals I'd like to accomplish in 2013, I have many more I have no intention of doing this year. ha ha.


  6. Ahh, the hair in the shower drain. I probably ought to clean that out, but in all honestly, I forget about it the minute I step out of the shower...

  7. I love this!! I might have to steal it.

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  10. LOL, this cracks me up - thanks for posting :)
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  11. Ha! I love these! Waaay. Easier than picking a bunch of things you feel obligated to do :)

  12. LOL! Love your anti-goals!
    Great blog, I'm following!

  13. LOVE IT> Hilarious!! Hair in the shower drain.. lol...
    Following you now from the GFC hop. Hope you are having a blast. I co hosted a few months back and loved it ;)

  14. I love this! What a great idea! Especially the hair in the shower boyfriend gets it out of the drain for me, but still leaves it in the tub so that I have to throw it out. Gross, right? :(
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