Sunday, December 30, 2012

Random Things That Make Me Cry

These aren't the normal things that make a person cry but I sob like a baby at all of these:

  • Reading about Roberto Clemente
  • Katy Perry's "Firework" because it reminds me of the Fur Power circus in Madagascar 3
  • The Fur Power circus in Madagascar 3
  • L.E. saying, "Mommy, I'm so happy to see you!"
  • When my parents arrive in the middle of the night
  • Creamy jalapeƱo dip at Chuy's
  • The Mercedes commercials with Santa and Jon Hamm's voice
  • Christmastime in general. Music, commercials, TV shows, prime rib...
  • When the Steelers win
  • When the Steelers lose
  • When the Steelers don't make the playoffs
  • Getting sympathy cards in the mail from people whom I wouldn't expect would send them
  • When my hair and makeup look fabulous and I did them both myself
  • A deep meaningful conversation with Dr. T that was long overdue
  • Polar bears
  • Mom's chicken Romano
  • That scene at the end of Toy Story 3 where they're in the incinerator and they realize they're going to burn so they just hold hands. 
  • L.E.'s impromptu hugs
  • Being out of Xanax
  • A clean car that I didn't wash
  • Seeing a kid I used to babysit play in the NFL
  • Puppies and kitties
  • Finding a note from my Pap
  • The realization that some day L.E. will grow up and make her own decisions
  • Delicious tacos
  • Finding the perfect lipstick
  • Birchbox
  • Writing lists about things that make me cry

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