Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Question A Day

Best. Gift. Ever.
Last year for Christmas, a great friend of mine gave me one of the best gifts ever: a Five Year Question A Day journal. I love it so much. It keeps me accountable to where I'm at least writing something every day.
With year one just about complete, I thought it'd be fun to randomly pick a few days of questions and answers. I tried to be as honest as possible which, let's face it, wasn't always so happy or exciting. And since this is entirely random, it can also be quite boring.

January 28
Q: How do you describe your home?
A: Cozy. Warm. Neat. Happy

February 18
Q: What's the most expensive thing you're wearing right now?
A: My Danskos

March 4
Q: What would you like to ask your mother?
A: How can I make my chicken Romano as good as yours?

April 11
Q: What sound effect are you most like today?
A: An old-fashioned car horn

May 18
Q: If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?
A: I would tell Reno Mom what she meant to me

June 20
Q: Write the first sentence of your autobiography.
A: So this is how it started...

July 11
Q: If you were a literary character, who would you be?
A: Ruth from A Widow for One Year by John Irving

August 23
Q: Yes or no: everyone should have a backup plan
A: YES!!! (Exactly how it was written...note that this was two days after I moved to Austin)

September 13
Q: Write down a minor, but chronic, problem.
A: My jeans don't fit

October 22
Q: Write a haiku about your day.
A: Kyle is in town
     Last night we drank too much beer
     I need to sleep now

November 14
Q: What do you need to vent about?
A: How hard it is to be a good employee AND a good mom without pissing anyone off

December 17
Q: If you had to move to a new city, where would you move?
A: That's not even funny right now

December 27 (Today)
Q: When was the last time you felt at peace?
A: I can't remember

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