Friday, October 26, 2012

Things I Hate

I try to be pretty positive on this blog, despite the posts about crippling depression. But there are some things that I really downright LOATHE. I'm going to share them now. It's ok, it's my blog.


The weird wavy rolls my hair gets in the humidity

When I wake up and the fitted sheet is off the mattress

The phrases "off the hook" "off the chain" and other phrases white people say to sound like black people who maybe uttered those phrases like seven years agosx

Social media posts about kids' poop or other bodily fluids

The Pottery Barn-ization of every holiday and the inadequate feeling I have for not even wanting to carve a pumpkin.

Smart asses on Facebook who always pipe in about politics when my status update is stupid and mundane like "I have on new shoes." (If you're scoffing at me, chances are it's you.)

Glass drink dispensers

Moms who protest the stupidest things like Nick Jr. programming and when they change the design on diapers. (Maybe they should protest things like equal pay for women and paid maternity leave.)

Moms like me who write statements like the above but really don't actively do anything about it because I'm too lazy.


Turning left onto a four-lane highway

90 degrees one day; 50 the next

Stepping in a bowl of dog water in the middle of the night

The fact that I'm awake and walking around in the middle of the night because I can't remember if I turned off the back porch light

Spending twenty extra minutes on my eye makeup and nobody notices

Duck face

L.E's milk falling out of her bed and leaking all over the floor

Not wanting to use the toilet brush for its intended purpose because it looks too nice

Being out of coffee

When Wal-Mart is nicer than Target

My phone falling on the floor of the car.

When a headline says *insert starlet's name here* chopped off her hair but it's really just a shorter version of their long hair.

Fresh Italian parsley

The fact that L.E. talks to a ghost. Why did she have to say ghost? Why can't it be an "imaginary friend?"

Skinny jeans with bunchy knees

The little screw falling out of my eyeglasses

Having to go to the post office. Not the trip itself, just the looming notion that something needs packed up and mailed.

The Church's Chicken on Burnet doesn't have a drive-thru

Globs of hair stuck to my clothes after a haircut

Big zits that won't pop

The movie "Happy Feet"

There you have it. Things I randomly hate. What do you hate?


  1. The fact that Sebastian now likes the movie Happy Feet. Ugh!

  2. Isn't it the worst?? I had to hide it!