Friday, October 5, 2012

Me and Esther Williams

She even kept her swim cap on the whole time.
This week, L.E. and I started swimming lessons. Judging by her ridiculously HUGE smile the whole time, she loved it.
And so did I.
I found a dive place just around the corner. They have a tiny super-heated pool and they keep the classes small, just three kids in this one. It was definitely more fun than I expected.
It's nice to get into the pool and leave the bathing suit anxiety behind. (Behind my big behind, yuk yuk). We sing songs and be close to our kiddos.
L.E. could not wait to get into the water. Once she did, I had to hold onto her pretty tightly. Yes, I was a little bit anxious because one slip and I'd be relying on my lifeguard training from 20 years ago. But L.E. was good about being clingy, except for when I would bounce her up in the air. "Higher, Mommy, higher!"
We learned "ice cream scoops" (over-hand strokes), kicking, blowing bubbles and submerging, which was the last part of the lesson. As L.E. told me repeatedly, "I don't like going underwater!" We finally "tricked" her by telling her to close her mouth as she jumped into the pool. She would be just under the surface when she jumped in and I would hoist her up in the air. Her giggles echoed throughout the pool.
Who knew I had a little Summer Sanders on my hands?
This is the happiest I've seen L.E. since we moved. I think she really feels at home in the water. I loved swimming as a kid, with some of my happiest memories at good ol' Scott Township Pool. I'm glad we're starting her early so she knows how to be safe in the water and have lots of fun with her friends and family.
Plus, as an added bonus, I feel like I'm getting a great workout. Carrying 30lbs around a pool for half an hour will definitely build your stamina. I love that both L.E. and I are getting something out of it.
I can't wait to take her next week.
Ready to get in!