Saturday, September 29, 2012

Unemployed to Kinda Employed

I might have a job.
Through a friend in Las Vegas, I discovered an ad agency in Austin that specializes in gaming properties as clients.
In other words, what I thought was my completely unmarketable-outside-of-Nevada gaming background is actually an asset.
I sent my resume and waited.
The creative director emailed back in record-time.
I interviewed, had a daylong test/audition with another one set for next week, after G2E.
The fact that I know what G2E is is a pretty big thing.
So yeah. I swore I was done with design but this job is a little bit too-on-the-nose to ignore. Plus I could do some copywriting and TV/Photo shoots.
I always get a little on-edge when things seem to come together that easily. I'm always asking what the catch is.
I know the catches on this. Location, hours, commute, etc.
So I'm thinking about it.
I'm happier while working. This is true.
I love being with L.E. but she sleeps half the day – which I'm not complaining about – it just disrupts the day enough to where we can't go places and do the fun things mommy and daughter should be doing.
I was only half-assed looking for a job and this one was practically thrown into my lap.
I can't ignore it.
I can't have laziness be the main reason I don't go back to work. Laziness meaning, I like sitting around in my PJs until L.E. takes her nap. And I like not having to rush around in the morning.
So like everything else, I'll see what happens...

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  1. I hope you get it! Can u work from home if you do? I wish sometimes my kids sleeps a little longer during naps so I can get some things done. ha! Lol

    Found u on bloghop. Can we follow each other? Thanks so much!