Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to (Pre) School

L.E. started a new preschool today. It was so anti-climactic compared to the other times she's started daycare/preschool.
Her first day of daycare was on her 3-month birthday. I cried so hard; it was tough for me to leave her so soon. It took a good two or three months for us both to be in a groove and for me to realize that she absolutely loved being around other babies.
She stayed in that center for over a year. I used our company's onsite daycare which was very reputable so there was no need to research it. Then I changed jobs and found a learning center just between my job and my house.
This time it was traumatic for both of us. She was crying for Mommy as I was leaving and clung to my legs. Again, I cried the whole way to work. But L.E. is nothing if not resilient and she soon grew to love it. She did so many art projects, that I still have a huge box of them.
When she turned two, she got moved up to the next center which was down the street. So once again, it was new teachers, new kids, new toys. L.E. seemed pretty upset the first few weeks there. She was the youngest in the center. But soon enough, she was getting hugs from all the other kids every day and her teachers were telling me how wonderful she was doing and what a good little sharer she is.
It was heartbreaking to leave that center.
Moving to Austin was the best thing for our family. I am still grappling with the idea of being a stay-at-home mom and if I really want to pursue a serious writing career, I need some me-time. And L.E. has spent the last three weeks vegging in front of the TV. She needs to be around other kids again. So we enrolled her in a preschool down the street two days a week.
I dropped her off this morning. As the other kids swarmed around her to give her a hello-hug, she looked up at me and said, "Bye, Mommy!"
I still shed a tear on the way home.

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