Saturday, September 22, 2012

Austin, One Month In

I’ve been in Austin for exactly one month. It’s definitely been an adjustment and not just emotionally. I’m undergoing these weird physical transformations. They’re not bad; just different.
I sweat constantly. I thought that would have worn off by now since the weather is no longer in the triple digits. But even a quick walk to the park leaves me soaked to the skin. It’s embarrassing when I’m trying to schmooze the fellow park moms.
My skin keeps breaking out. But the dry patches are gone.
I have a funny smell about me. Not funny bad; funny as in “That’s new,” and “Who knew bug spray could be so aromatic?”
I relish showers like nothing else.
I put my PJs on at 5:00 every day because by then I’m too swollen for regular pants. L.E. thinks this is hilarious.
My boobs sweat.
My hair…can’t complain. Six different anti-frizz products will do that.
The food here is amazing, and also wrecking havoc on my intestines. How long until I can eat barbecue without dire consequences?
I can eat tacos for three meals a day here and I have. More than once.
Where can I get decent, non-smoked Buffalo wings in this town?
I wear a lot of dresses.
I take a lot of naps.
I bump into things a lot so I’m constantly bruised.
Three beers is too many; Two is just right.
Five margaritas is way too many. Six beers, two margaritas and a random vodka cocktail leave me wishing for death.
I have yet to see a live show other than the random bands playing at random restaurants. Anyone want to go see Ben Folds Five with me on Monday?
I need to find a nighttime baby-sitter.
I need to find some friends.
I had a mom-date this morning with a woman I met at a brewery. It was awkward like a first date would be. I’m not sure if I’ll see her again. Dating sucks, even when it’s play-dating for your kid’s sake.
I caught a lightning bug tonight. It was surreal to see them for the first time since I left Pittsburgh.
I’m not sure if my house is haunted or if there’s just some weird, getting-used-to-living-here energy going on.
Anyone know of a medium in central Texas?
I can’t find a writing job.
I haven’t even started my novel.
Things sound bad, but they’re really not. It’s just taking some getting used to. Dr. T. and I are getting along. L.E. is awesome. And there is lots to do here.
It’s just an adjustment.

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