Friday, August 31, 2012

Depression Link

I came across this link courtesy of The Bloggess. It's well-written and includes a bunch of other links about depression that are well-worth a read.
Regular readers know about my depression, which I've nicknamed Mildred. You can always read up on that here, among other places on this blog.

Depression is something I still struggle with and I'm definitely not shy about it. I have days where I want to curl up in bed all day and not get out. But now that I'm a mom and L.E. can communicate, it's not as easy to hide from the world. When your child regularly says, "Mommy's sad," you need to pick yourself up and figure out the best way to shoo Mildred into her corner. I have a pretty good handle on it now. I'm genuinely surprised by well-adjusted I feel mentally, despite being in a new place. I feel a little lonely sometimes, but it's nothing like the burrowing-under-covers feeling Mildred brings.
So I'm not about to mess with what works.

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