Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crazy, Convoluted Post About Life in Austin

This kid can adapt anywhere!

OK, I’m in Austin. So Now What? 
(Original title of this post)

We made it! Our stuff made it!
It’s nice to longer be sleeping on an air mattress after having dinner on new UT (totally obligated to write this: hook ‘em!) camp chairs.
The house is still a mess but we’re able to cook, sleep and watch TV. I’m even sitting on a couch! It’s not in the same room as the TV but what does that matter?
Yesterday, Dr. T. said the best thing ever. “Tomorrow, you should call the daycare around the corner and see if we can get Lucy in there two days a week.” It’s nice that I can have some time to myself and he’s actually encouraging me to spend that time by writing or finding a writing job.
So here’s my question, Austin: what’s next? What should we do? What should we see? What should I wear?

Austin. Day 4
The above was written on my second day here. I was trying to be optimistic because reality had yet to set in. I’m not saying that I hate it here and want to go home; I’m simply facing the challenges of a new city.
Moving sucks. It sucks if you're moving to the greatest city in the U.S. It sucks if you're moving to Eastern Washington. It just sucks.
If I were to track each day, this is what it would have been like:
Austin. Day 1: holy crap. The Target is totally ghetto. I’m going home to cry.
Austin. Day 2: at least our stuff showed up. And I found a nice Wal-Mart. This town is Bizarro-World. And what is up with movers and lamps? Not one lamp made it here unscathed.
Austin. Day 3: found a giant cockroach in L.E.’s dresser. They call them “palmetto bugs” here. I think that’s so we don’t feel so poor because we live with cockroaches. I screamed loudly and then got yelled at by Dr. T for screaming in front of L.E. At least SHE was nice enough to console me by rubbing my shoulders and saying, “Mommy. It’s ok. It’s ok, Mommy.”
I’m ok with bugs, mostly. I don’t mind if they’re on the floor, on the walls, crawling out of drains or hanging out on the ceiling. But when they’re hiding in furniture, that’s MESSED-UP! I would have given you a chance to escape before but now you and your buddies are dead.
I’m talking to bugs now.

So yeah. That’s been my first few days. I’m trying desperately to be optimistic. When I post a funny status on Facebook about queso and mosquito bites, the three people I know here (virtually, not physically yet) all posted stuff about West Nile Virus in Travis County. In addition to the Skin So Soft I’m slathering on (OK, I know it theoretically doesn’t work but I still like the smell) I have to spray myself with OFF so I’m instantly reminded of the horror of my life that was Girl Scout Camp.
The humidity isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be but I think it may be the cause of my shoes not fitting. Or else it’s the stealth queso that seems to appear on every meal we’ve ordered out. I call it stealth queso because rarely the word “queso” is printed on the menu but it shows up on your entrĂ©e somewhere. Usually smothered. It’s delicious but food-guilt-inducing.
Point being, I can only wear flip flops, which makes me even more likely to kick the edges of furniture accidentally. My latest and greatest accessory is a bag of ice.
I hate flip flops.
I haven’t used my Weight Watchers app in 3 weeks. I thought it would have started yelling at me but even worse is it just doesn’t care. Same with the GPS who will let me make 5 wrong turns and still won’t call me a fucking idiot.
I’m starting to sound very sad but really I’m not.
My house is very lovely and it’s in a cool part of town. Dr. T has been letting me furnish it as I please. I haven’t had internet so there’s no pressure to find a job. L.E. has adjusted beautifully as only she can. I need to get her some friends; she definitely misses the interaction amongst other kids.
My hair has never been more fabulous.
This place is in walking distance. For reals, y'all! I can walk to a place that has beer, burgers, ice cream and a fenced-in playground. It's like new-parent heaven.
And I walked to this coffee shop where I now sit with a cold Diet Coke and free WiFi.

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