Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meet Scooter Compooter

I’m not one for shameless self-promotion.
OK, admit it…I almost had you there!

Of course I love promoting myself; 15 years in advertising/marketing/PR will do that to you.

I got a laptop! It’s a shiny Apple MacBook Air which I named Scooter Compooter. I affectionately call it my lappy. I’ve never owned my own laptop before. Now I can sit on my couch or a coffee shop and write as much as I want. I can download whatever I want {porn} and not have to worry about Dr. T. judging me because I watched another Pittsburgh Dad episode or visited Pottery Barn Kids for two hours. Again. My browsing history is my own. It’s awesome.

The best part is I’m a step closer to feeling like a real writer. I can pop this bad-boy open and write whenever the mood strikes me. Maybe my novel will finally take shape. Maybe I’ll get paid to be a food blogger. For the first time in my life, because of this little silver piece of technology, I feel like my possibilities are endless.

I got a new blogging gig in my new city, which I’m super-excited to start. I already have so many ideas for it. Can’t wait! I'll share more info once I'm sure it's real.

So I’ll be posting a lot more now because I don’t have to go across the room to my desktop. Yep. Still lazy.

Please enjoy my more frequent posts and tell your friends! The more readers I have, the less likely I am to throw my lappy, Scooter Compooter, across the room…


  1. Congrats on the new job and the new machine!

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