Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Love You, Reno

I moved to Reno in 1997, full of uncertainty. I’d visited my then-boyfriend, now-husband who had already moved here and done the hard part of finding somewhere to live. I wasn’t sure if I liked Reno. Actually, that first winter I downright hated it. I didn’t have any friends and I was working at Applebee’s. I desperately wanted a job in design and joined a temp agency in the hopes of getting my foot in the door in advertising.
Fast forward 15 years. We're about to move to Austin, TX. It's such a huge opportunity for us that we just can't pass it up. But as excited as I am, it's also sad to leave Reno behind. We have an amazing foundation of friends, most of whom have kids L.E.’s age. It’s rare for me to go somewhere and not run into someone I know. I’m kind of a big fish in a small pond. But I’ve always craved more than what a city Reno’s size has to offer. I like having options and although Reno has changed immensely since I moved here, I’m ready for something more.
But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to miss this place like crazy.
That being said, here are some of the things that I’ve loved about living in Reno.

  • The climate. Yes, it’s dry. Yes, I have to use lotion 4 times a day. But my hair isn’t frizzy {much} and the sun shines all the time.
  • Being known. I’ve been in a few plays and have had people recognize me for that. Also, being active in the ad community has given me a huge network of colleagues.
  • Tahoe. Ok, I rarely go there but it’s beautiful and it’s nice to know it’s there.
  • Mountains. You can’t beat the view of the Sierras from my front porch.
  • Summertime. There’s so much to do with Artown and outdoor events. Spending a Saturday afternoon watching the yahoos tube the Truckee is one of my favorite things to do here.
  • L.E.’s friends. She has such a great little group of kids who all just adore her. And their parents are pretty awesome, too.
  • My job. I just started it a year ago and I’m sad to leave. I feel like I have all sorts of potential that I’m going to miss out on.
  • The Swiss-cheese sculpture in front of the Courthouse. Everybody in this town hates it but L.E. thinks it’s a big dinosaur so I love driving by it any chance I get.
  • The Reno Aces ballpark. This was the best idea the city of Reno ever had. Some of the greatest times I’ve had here have been at Aces games.
  • Casinos. Yes, they’re smoky and annoying. But I made a successful living off of them for as long as I’ve lived here so I can’t complain about them too much.
  • Remembering all of the places that have come and gone and sounding like I’m a native. Del Mar Station, Famous Murphy’s, 210 North, Aero Club, The Mapes, Dreamers Coffee House, Pierino’s, The Coffee Grinder, Cafe Soliel 
  • All of the newish places that have opened. Campo, Craft, Sup, Old Granite, Midtown Eats, Pie Face, the new La Vecchia, Niko's Greek Kitchen, Midtown Wine Bar
  • The Nevada Museum of Art. The Discovery Museum. The National Auto Museum. Knowing there is culture right in our own backyard.
  • My house.
  • Wingfield Park. Idlewild Park. Rancho San Rafael. Galena Park.
  • Mike and Josh’s trees at Idlewild Park. They were planted in their memories and I always stop to look at them when I’m on my mid-day run on the river trail.
  • Our first living Christmas tree from 2002, which we planted in the front yard. It’s over 15 feet tall now.
  • Knowing my way around. If there’s traffic, I can get around it.
  • September special events. The Rib Cook-Off, Balloon Races, Air Races…there’s a different event every weekend.
  • My friends. There are so many people here whom I’m going to miss terribly. I can’t even begin to name them all but I hope they know who they are and how much I care about them.
  • Young me. I was 21 when I moved here. To say I came into real adulthood while living in Reno is an understatement. A part of me will always be in Northern Nevada. The young part…

OK, Reno-ites. I want to know what I need to do and see before I leave here. I have three weeks. Go!


  1. Well you have to go spend a day at Tahoe! And since I won't be there before you leave I won't get to see you :-( but hopefully you'll still make occasional trips up to Portlandia!

  2. I agree, Tahoe or maybe go to Donner Lake and take an icy dip.