Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Are You Guilty of Oversharing?

If you're a parent, there's a really good chance you've overshared more than once since your baby was born. Whether it's texting a friend a pic of a poop-explosion diaper or Tweeting about solid foods, you're guilty.
See just how guilty you are over at my company blog.


  1. Hey there, Mama! (JD's wife here)

    I'm on bedrest for the next couple of weeks til our little one arrives, and have been devouring your blog. I started at the beginning, and am touched, amused and grateful. Thank you for sharing the story of LE and your family with this mama-to-be.

    xox, Amy

  2. Oh no, bed rest? I'm sure it's for good reason. Take it easy; watch movies, read books and get some rest. Make sure JD takes care of you and the bebe.
    Thank you so much for reading! If I know I have at least one person reading regularly, I'll keep posting.
    Keep me posted on your progress.