Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank you, Teachers

Mother's Day card
I wish I could take credit for this idea but I borrowed it from a HuffPo Parents blog. She said to feel free to copy and paste and share. So this is my version which I gave to L.E.'s pre-school teachers yesterday.

Dear L.E.’s Teachers,
I follow a lot of mom-bloggers. (Heck, I even consider myself one of them – insert shameless plug here: Moms need to help each other out and if you don’t have a lot of friends who are moms, the internet becomes your confidant.
My point is that mom-blogs have lots of info. Like sharing it’s Teacher Appreciation Week. One of them even wrote a letter to her daughters’ preschool teachers. She encouraged her readers to do the same. Some of this is borrowed from her but most of it is from me.
Although there are many people that love L.E., the care and affection that you bring to her every day is beyond words. However, since I am too lazy to drive a mile to the flower store where she will “design” a bouquet stripped of Tulip petals, I thought that I would give words a try.
Thank you for always smiling and offering a hug when L.E. walks in the door. You make her feel welcomed, loved and safe (especially on days when Mommy is feeling guilty about working and is trying to avoid her own meltdown in the car.) Knowing that she’s happy all day makes it that much easier for me.
Thank you for appropriately oohing and aahing L.E.’s outfits. I put a lot of energy into her wardrobe and even though she doesn’t appreciate it yet, I’m thankful you notice.
Similarly, thank you for not judging me when L.E. arrives wearing black sweatpants and a stained Elmo t-shirt. Your eyes never hesitate in expressing just pure happiness in her entrance -- is it the contacts?
Thank you for providing a safe, contained place for L.E. to play with paint, glitter, markers, Play-Doh and glue. Because you do this, I have an excuse to say "no, that’s only school-time art. You can play with your crayons" when she starts drawing on the walls at home.
Thank you for teaching L.E. how to count and say her ABCs. Your work isn’t for nothing because we practice letters and numbers with her a lot.
Thank you for teaching L.E. songs. My favorite thing in the world is hearing her sing!
Thank you for never turning on the television. I know that there are days that you are absolutely frazzled, and the last thing you want to do is manage a bunch of pre-schoolers running amok around a small enclosed space threatening to dump every bin of toys onto the train-track rug. Still, you never throw your hands in the air and sit them all in front of Toy Story. Because you don't do this, I feel less guilty when I do.
Thank you for providing a variety of gender-neutral toys for my daughter to play with. I’m so glad she hasn’t been seduced by the Cult of Disney Princesses. Yet.
Thank you for telling me that "it is just a normal phase," when L.E. throws a tantrum or refuses to eat or looks at you like you’re crazy when you suggest using a potty. While part of me knew that this, as with all things in childhood, was just another stage, a larger portion of me was truly worried that I was raising a child that would one day turn my basement into a meth lab. However, you were right, it was just a phase. I am now more confident that she will stick to making bootleg liquor in abandoned bathtubs.
But most importantly, thank you for loving L.E. between the hours of 8:30 to 5:30. Because you do this, you are helping us nurture her into the wonderful and smart little girl that she is. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t amaze me with things she says and does. T and I can’t take credit for all of it.
So thank you.
Thank you, a thousand times, thank you!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

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