Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life's Unwritten Rules

We all have our own little rules of life. Those little factoids and tips that make your life easier, yet you don't learn them in school. You learn them just by living and growing up.
I'm sharing not only my unwritten rules, but those of my friends who were nice enough to respond when I asked for them. 
Feel free to share your unwritten rules in the comments!
All rules are mine unless otherwise noted.

Always tip 20%. If the service is truly terrible tip 15%.

A Facebook happy birthday is ok for acquaintances. If you consider the person a friend, pick up the phone and call or text. If you see the person every day, you need to wish them a happy birthday in-person.

Don’t drink alcohol if you wear braces. – J. H.

To properly exit a car while wearing a dress, hold both legs together bent at the knees and “spin” them towards the car door. Don’t open your knees until your feet touch the ground.

Never stand right next to a guy if there is another urinal open. And NEVER start a conversation there. – J. B.

You are obligated to get the mother of your children a Mother’s Day gift and card.

You are obligated to get the father of your children a Father’s Day gift and card.

When someone says, "watch this," back away quickly. – K. M.

Never wear white socks with black pants and black shoes.

Never wear socks with sandals. Ever. Even when you’re camping. And Crocs totally count as sandals.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them. The first time. – L. R.

Make everyday a celebration! – S. D.

A black cardigan is a must-have in your wardrobe. Find one you like and buy four of them.

Poke it with a stick. – A. M.

Dawn dishwashing detergent will remove any grease stain.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Women in magazines are airbrushed; the mom who is always on top of everything most likely has therapy bills and even the coolest-sounding jobs are still jobs.

Be your own best friend. – B. G.

Don't avoid the storm. Learn to dance in the rain. – P. C.

No matter how many "demos" you see on Pinterest, there still is no easy way to fold a fitted sheet. (The pictures lie!)

If you're throwing a party, double the amount of food you originally planned to serve. – S. M.

Go home by different routes often. You see more of the world and it's harder for them to set up an ambush. – G. H.

Never use more than one space after a period.

If you wouldn't want to read it in someone else's status update, then don't post it.

Business up front. Par-tay in the back! – C. Y.

The best things in life...aren't things. – D. F.

Call your grandparents just to say hello. Even better, go visit them.

It's OK to be a little dirty. – L. E.

There is no such thing has having too many baby wipes.

Life is like a roll of toilet paper...the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes. – M. M.

Your parents will embarrass you even when you’re in your 30s.

Never be afraid to say "I love you." – S. G.

It's like wiping before you poop...just doesn't make sense. – L. S.

Most people in the world are underpaid. Be nice to everyone. The workers at your grocery store, the teachers in your child’s school…just be nice and say “thank you.”

When all else! – S. C.

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