Sunday, May 27, 2012

Deviled Eggs

Happy Memorial Weekend!
It's officially barbecue season. I love cold foods in the summertime and one of my favorite things to make is deviled eggs. I don't really like to eat them, but I find something very therapeutic about the whole process of peeling, scooping and mashing.
My mom would never let me help her make them and I'm positive it was because she saw it as food-therapy, too.
This isn't a set recipe. You know the drill: boil the eggs, peel off the shell, scoop out the yolks and mix mayo, spices and herbs. I included a bunch of finely-shredded cheese in the mix. I'm pretty sure they were the best deviled eggs I've ever had and as I said before, I don't even like them normally. I can't imagine how good they would have been if I'd added crumbled bacon to them. Next time...
So for your next party or picnic, I highly recommend this good old-fashioned comfort food.
I documented my egg-making using the billion-dollar Instagram app. Neat, huh?







  1. I have a really stupid long should you boil the eggs for? Last time I tried to make hard boiled eggs they were still running.

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