Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 – 28:40 – 30 Things Movies & TVs Get Wrong About Parenting

So I've decided to keep up with naming my posts as if it's still Lent. I'll get to 40, then take a break, which may be a shorter break than any of the breaks I took while writing 40 Days of Posts.
Confused? Don't be. It's just blogger-math.
Meanwhile, since I haven't had time to produce original content because I'm just SO BUSY*, I'm posting a link to a pretty hilarious list over at Pajiba.com. I can agree with pretty much all of them. I've always said that "Up All Night" is about as close to reality as I've seen as far as sitcoms and babies. And I agree that your answer should always be "Fuck Off" to the question of whether or not you work or stay-at-home.

30 Practical Tips About the Horrors of Raising a Baby That You Will Never Learn from Movies and TV

*I get annoyed when people tell me how busy they are. We're all busy. You are not special for being busy.


  1. The depthy of #1 cannot be underestimated! There have been so many conflicting recommendations on avoiding SIDS over the years that this fear loomed large for me. Using the swaddling blanket with velcro helped (even if my mom said she looked like a baby inmate at the mental hospital). I still care way too much about what other people on the plane/restaurant/grocery store think of my parenting, but I guess I just need to get out more and telling people to f*@ck off!

  2. Hilarious! Loved it. And yes, everyone can just fuck off.

  3. I agree with you about "Up All Night" although I tried not to like it because it seemed corny on the surface, but it's really a fun show. So far it has been pretty accurate with my experience. And realize when I say experience it's only been one year so it is definitely limited. That Pajiba post is awesome - so many things hit home for me especially #1. Our baby still sleeps in that little halo sleeper because we have been scared shitless to put a blanket in his crib, much to the dismay of my mother who thinks we are insane for freaking out after a blanketed nap at Grammy's house. #30 is also really appropriate as everyone who's ever SEEN a baby dispenses bad advice to you without ever being asked. But don't get me wrong, the only way we are making it through all the pitfalls of parenting is by standing on the shoulders of our trusted friends who have gone before us - just not some jackoff in line at the grocery store questioning me why our baby doesn't use a pacifier at his age. To you madam, I say f@*k off! And to you Lisa I say, thank you for writing your blog and for sharing your most personal thoughts. I really enjoy reading it because you are an excellent writer and your honesty is super refreshing.