Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 - 8:40 - Bye Bye Binky

Her favorite accessory is about to go buh-byes.
We're trying to ditch the pacifier. It's hard.
L.E. loves her binky so much. She asks for it all the time. In the car, at home, at pre-school...always binky binky binky. But she's almost two and about to move up to a big-girl school where most of the kids don't use binkies. We talked with her school's owner and we all agreed to a plan. Binky only at night and during naps.
The first few days have been fine. Only once did she go into her room and reach through the slats of her crib and got the pacifier out. We distracted her with a cookie to get it back.
It's been pretty much out-of-sight, out-of-mind. But all of a sudden, the same child who wouldn't sleep more than two hours at a time for the first year of her life wants to go to bed more than anything. Nigh-night! Binky! Nap-time! Binky! Bed, Mommy, bed! Tired! She used to fight me tooth and nail about going to sleep and now she practically jumps out of my arms and into her crib.
It's going to be a whole new battle when we try to take it away from her when she sleeps. Or maybe she'll realize she doesn't need a binky anymore, like Elmo.
Please tell me: did your child use a binky? Was it hard to break the habit?

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  1. Sebastian was using his pacifier just at night by his 2nd birthday. I started telling him each night that pacifiers were for babies and he wasn't a baby anymore. He would giggle and say baby. Then finally one night after about 2 weeks of this, when he asked for it I said I don't think you need it and he said ok. He never cried or anything. Then a few days later we got him a toddler bed and he threw fits every night for a week at bedtime. We're pretty sure it was the combination of no pacifier and new bed, so maybe just tackle one of those at a time and you'll be fine! :-)