Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 – 24:40 – Words Every Toddler Should Know

According to Cafe Mom, by the time your toddler is two they should know the following words:

  1. all gone
  2. baby
  3. ball
  4. banana
  5. bath
  6. bye bye
  7. book
  8. car
  9. cat
  10. cookie
  11. daddy
  12. dog
  13. eye
  14. hat
  15. hello/hi
  16. hot
  17. juice
  18. milk
  19. mommy
  20. more
  21. no
  22. nose
  23. shoe
  24. thank you
  25. yes
I'm happy to report that L.E. knows all of the above plus these gems:
1. No. I Don't. (Her first real sentence)
2. Cowboy (referring to Toy Story 3)
3. Nemo
4. Please (I'm happy about this but she's usually whining when she says it)
5. Boo Boo Bear (referring to the bear ice pack we keep in the freezer)
6. I pooped (She never says it when she actually did it)
7. I did it! (When she unclips her seatbelt from her high chair or shopping cart)
8. Shit (She was actually saying "shirt")
9. Porter (She says Por-ttter)
10. Turtle (Turrr-tttle)
11. Pretty much every animal in her Animals A-Z book
12. Dinosaur (She sings this cute little song called "Baby Dinosaur." It goes, "Baby Dino-saur. Baaabbyy Dino-saur...)
13. No, Mommy. Off couch. (Cuts like a knife)
14. No, Mommy. Daddy! (Cuts real deep)
15. Moon. Moooon. Moooooooon!!!! (When she wants me to open the sunroof)
16. Bathtime! (Followed by stripping her clothes off and running through the house naked)
17. Potty, No. No Thank You!
18. Water! (Followed by splashing her pee in her potty)
19. Daddy's Juice. Mommy's Juice (Referring to our beer and/or wine)
20. Lucy's turn! 
21. Mia. Maizie. Fish. (When FaceTiming with family and friends, she only wants to see their animals.)
22. Soup (She says it like "Shoup." It's adorable)
23. Nigh-night time (She'll say it in the middle of the day just so she can get her binky)
24. Robot (Usually sounds like bo-bot)
25. ILUFFUUUU (I love you. Makes me melt every time.)

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