Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 - 10:40 - Blog, NV

I have blogger envy.
I've always wanted to write for a living. I know I joke about a book deal all the time on this blog but really, I want a book deal. I want this blog to get read by just the right person who thinks I have something to say and should share with the world.
I want more people to read me.
I want to be like some of my favorite bloggers like Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, The Bloggess, Girls Gone Child and STFU Parents. They are brilliant writers and have an amazingly large audience. How do I get there?
I have great ideas. I'm convinced people steal them before I get the chance to write them down. The gal who writes People I Want to Punch in the Throat stole my idea of writing a BFF love-letter to Tina Fey. I forgive her because her blog is so great and I feel like we're kindred spirits. Maybe I should write a BFF love-letter to her?
I'm envious of the people who can have "sponsored" posts. Why can't I get companies to send me products to try out and write about? How do I get Levi's or Lancome to sponsor a post about how great their products are? I'll do it. Just so I can reach a larger audience.
So please, if you're reading this, share it with your friends.
And if one of your friends happens to be Oprah, I'll love you forever and ever.

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